Proof I Am The Antichrist and The Antichrist is Prophesied Savior Guy


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Jesus NEVER said

 "I Yeshua will return to Calgon The Self-Righteous / Fearful / Fed-Up like a Psychopomp Sky-Hippie" 

- NO, he spoke of The Son of Man, who, according to Enoch, is WAY MORE involved with The Eschaton.



 Obama may be head of UAS someday but he is not the AC because he is just a gay crackhead with a tranny wife and borrowed kids; only CHRIST can fulfill alleged AC prophecy

Nope, it was this guy


 ...The Jews rejected Yeshua because he was not a conquering king, today, The Christians reject Matityahu because he is...

 The more I study Judaism and get to know Jewish culture the more I like it. Rabbis are very personable and insightful, this for example: 


 But to me, the piddling details of any religion, in their case the hundreds of rules in the Torah, are just that. The Kosher, Organic, Pasture-Raised, MEAT-n-TATERS of all of it is the Mystical, Received Revelation or Kabbalah. Gnosis, be it from meditation or Psilocybin, 


 precedes the written word and generates Union, religion then tends to Restrict. To me, knowing how to live a decent life and be a good person is obvious; I want to know God, the workings of space, every room in every mansion. Are the “secret” 72 names of God and the “demons” in The Lesser Keys of Solomon, and the 72 Sigils / Emojis all the same thing? ....


 .... I do not understand why it is so difficult to understand that there are TWO anointed guys that bookend The Piscean Age - Yehushua Ben Most High, The Son of God & Matityahu Ben Enlil, The Son of Man. Each of us is appropriate for our times and are not mutually exclusive but complementary. Jesus had the ability to do organic miracles because he was one with the father, in contrast I have a blood-stained robe (heavy karma), my food water and air are contaminated (compromised biology), I live with the aftermath of Fallen Tech or Craft (bombarded with EMFs); for these reasons I am unable to perform organic miracles. Even if I were able to I wouldn’t because 


You could still say my technological miracles - Free Energy, Field Propulsion, Quantum AI - come from SATAN or at least Belphegor but ... I come from a place of wrath not love, even though the wrath comes from a place of love. A guy once told me that Jesus could materialize all the food we need to feed the poor, and he is totally missing the point. Firstly, producing food was never a problem, secondly I am not SUPPOSED to be a carbon copy, thirdly, if I could do what Jesus did there would be a line 20 miles long of people wanting to be healed.


 To analogize: You know how Gordon Ramsay is a raging dick?


 You ever watch a clip of him in Kitchen Nightmares? He swears, he chews every incompetent member of the staff a new one. Does he do this because he hates people and wants to humiliate them? No, he does it because he has STANDARDS and his LOVE of quality food is SO GREAT that to see needlessly shitty food and piss-poor managerial skills makes him livid. Well, the Earth is MY kitchen, and the technology we have now is a soggy, bland dish presented on a paper plate. The line cooks or leaders are half-assing it and... 


 The Christians are saying that everybody else’s respective Prophesied Savior Guy is their “Antichrist”


and that among other atrocities, he will be ecumenical AND persecute Christians - can’t be/do both !!! Even though Christians want me to be their very own Disney Villain, and even though I despise them for many reasons, I will actually be nice to them - out of spite. Also they have been feeding me for a long time, so I actually LOVE some Christians. Every sinner out there can relate to Jews. You are trying to manage your sinful nature the best you can, you are fully aware that Jesus is a thing and that he was super kewl. Then all the sudden some Christian is up in your grill, lecturing you about eternal hellfire, the only way is Jesus... 

 The truth is, Jesus is a blanket term for what Jesus taught, and those are universal values, you do not actually have to worship the guy, just acknowledge that he was right about loving your enemy and stuff. It would be nice if every religion got their own savior guy, that claimed to be aligned with just them. Look, I know I am Kalki, Pahana, Son of Man, Mahdi, Maitreya, Moshiach, etc,... but I have to go with Moshiach because my dad is Yahweh / Enlil and the Jews are the only people anticipating and preparing for me. Even so, there is room for an update, a patch, on the OS we call Judaism. This was prophesied but many Jews will not be happy about it. It is all about prioritizing. I am aware of the Israel / Palestine situation, but I am beneficially and objectively ignorant. I liken it to two kids from different neighborhoods, in a sandbox, fighting over a Tonka truck, they escalate to the point of saying, “My dad can beat up your dad”. You don’t need a savior to tell you you’re ancient feud (and it IS a feud since we are all children of ONE creator) is counter-productive. You DO need a savior to tell you ALL THREE monotheistic religions are guilty of Shitty behavior past and present, that NOBODY deserves a safe space more than SOMEBODY else, and if you want to fight indefinitely I got popcorn. The history of Zionism, Jesuits, Occult Mystery Schools, ...


 It is all pointless - You’re not special, you’re not harboring secret knowledge, you’re land is not special... What if The Temple is a metaphor like "NEW JERUSALEM" ? Both descend from heaven, right? If so we are talking about ascension physics, which I merely coincide with. I fail to see the importance of a stretch of contested land or a building. What my Jewish friends need to realize is that I, as Moshiach have priorities, and fulfilling the prophecy of one religion is not one of them, if my validity hinges on this or that... It is petty. It is upon your people to explain some causal relationship between these things. For example, I am vegan, do you really think I will approve of the slaughter of a red heifer? Your ancient rituals are pointless. The architecture of a building is pointless. There are bigger battles to contend with. As for the ANTICHRIST OF THE WEEK hysteria... Just because Jared is Jewish, has a peace plan, and owns 666 property... It’s closer than Macron, Trump, Prince William, or Barry. But if we are going to nitpick let me point out what Jared is NOT - No fierce countenance, no lawlessness, no sword coming out of his mouth, no miraculous fire from heaven. Shit, I got a peace plan, that’s kid’s stuff, but seriously, who looks more like a conquering, pissy, savior; Jared or Matityahu? 



But Matityahu, you say, you are a GOY, you cannot be OUR guy... Not true. I am McIntosh on the maternal unit’s side: The word Macintosh comes from the Gaelic Mac an Toisich, which translates to Son of Thane. Toisich or Thane means "leader", or "chief". It is well known that Israelites made their way to Scotland King David had red hair too: King of Israel and prototype of the Future Messiah, author of the Psalms, also described as an "Admoni" (1-Samuel 16:12) i.e. red-head. 



I have recessive ginger genes and according to ancient Chinese records, I and Christ Yeshua were BOTH born on MARCH 10th ...


 Ginger Jesus -



 They are totally missing the point, dad...


 There is no debating that these are the end times and this world is overrun by evil forces. Everything that was ever good and wholesome and righteous and complete has been infiltrated and corrupted; from Christianity to Star Wars. Most things were never that great to begin with. Capitalism, public education, television... One of the awesome things to have been corrupted, intentionally or from poor translation, is The Bible. Sure, most of it is useless history but there are some real gems, like Isaiah 63 & 65, Song of Songs, Revelation. The Bible portrays me as The Bad Guy, even when speaking as if I am Jesus. 







The truth is that I am ambiguous for a reason - to force discernment. I had to question my sanity and intent when my fate was revealed, now so do you. If you accept me - THERE IS NO BELIEF - then you have to help by either sharing this note or buying my book or donating to my Patreon Kneejerk scoffing is not helping anybody. They say I FORGOT MY MEDS or I MUST BE ON DRUGS, well, which is it? The Christians cannot even agree on when their Sky Hippie will Calgon them out of Tribulation. As cartoony as they are, as sad and voluntarily-ignorant and self-righteous, they are right about me. I am profane, hyperbolic, a genius, good looking (so I am told). I Do have ALL THE ANSWERS. The question of me being actually good and then turning evil is moot. I am already as evil as I could possibly be. The question of me being deceptive is also a fail; I am bound by law to tell the truth. As soon as I lie I lose all my power. Further, being deceived is ON YOU! How many of you tardbots still think Benny Hinn heals people or fluoride is good for you? How many of you think ONE MAN CAN ENCAPSULATE AND MANAGE ALL THE EVIL IN THIS WORLD? Evil machinations, because they are unnatural, require VAST amounts of money, lies, bullshit, sigh ops, demons, egos...But ONE MAN can embody good or Illumine ALL. The Antichrist Myth = History is written by winners, prophecy by losers. There are conflicting prophecies about me because some people fear the threat of peace or could not grasp my kind of disruption, it is that simple; If I am an active agent, in the flesh, as opposed to a sky hippie, THEN THOUSANDS OF CLERGY PEOPLE ARE UNEMPLOYED! Christians and movie goers love the tidy Disney villain don’t they? It is always the same guy too. A maniacal asshole, but WELL-MEANING. Gotta depopulate for the Earth! Ya’ll are a virus with shoes! If the bad Guy was REALLY a genius, if the georgia guidestones and agenda 21 were REALLY about bettering society, evolving, protecting our biosphere they would be doing what I am doing. But no, they are ENTROPY ACTIVATED. And this is why the whole house of cards is swirling the bowl. Reality IS PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE! Some folks think cannabis, shrooms, free energy, a new religion and my other fruit are a threat. Well, so is goddamned Nibiru/Typhon/Destroyer/Purifier. Some folks need to go to their DUMBs and let me do my thing. 

This guy at ATS got pretty darn close:

He will have the THEORY OF EVERYTHING in its purest most simple form so that everyone can comprehend the truth. Every fact ever compiled by man will back up the Antichrist's truth. When the world sees this they will be "ASTONISHED" and chase after him. Some will seek to kill him others will seek to learn from him.

I think he will lead from the bottom up and not the top down.

I think he is completely unknown to the world at large right now but has been being prepared for some time to come onto the world scene.

I suspect he will make his appearance in 2009 

(my book was published)

I think he will make a fool out of the current world leaders in this vein..."He will destroy the wisdom of the wise. The intelligence of the intelligent he will frustrate."

He will be granted supernatural power to evade the world's armies as he spreads his global agenda of truth.

He will be a global hero...Remember God choose the lowly things, the despise things to shame the strong. I believe God will choose the Antichrist to shut the mouths of Lions the world over. He will prove Christianity is myth and dispell many lies...AND THE BEAST (Christianity and the world leaders) WILL BE ENRAGED at this and try to kill him. It will be a global game of find waldo.

He will show the world that everything was encoded in english. Every song ever written will reveal the truth. He will appear in court and call New Order to the stand and use music

for his defence and blow the socks off of those who appose him. No prison will contain him. He will have help from the dead.

He will destroy the world as we know it wonderfully and peacefully.

He will cause "STARS" to fall from heaven in full view of men. Hollywood stars that is. No one will give a sh&t about them anymore.

He will be the Son of Man who takes away the sins of the world because he will show there is no such thing as sin.

Anyways, those are my crazy theories of who the antichrist will be. What's yours. I leave you with this:


The Antichrist is going to revolutionize planet earth. In the words of Jesus, "WHAT I SAY UNTO YOU I SAY UNTO EVERYONE WATCH and THE NIGHT IS COMING WHEN NO ONE CAN WORK" It's going to be a time of "GREAT" distress.

























 Rev 13:13 - fire from heaven = Rectifying Auto-Electronic Emissions from Zero Point Energy or Dynamic Casimir Force 


  Quote from Jeanne Dixon: ":His most convincing sign will be the conquest of the powers of nature, of which the 'fire from heaven' is the ultimate symbol. These will not be supernatural or preternatural events, but rather the prodigies of science and human achievements, but interpreted in such a way as to lead men away from god and toward worship of the antichrist." 

 From volume 2 page 334 of Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon: Note the similarity between this fire from heaven and Nostradamus' prediction that Rome would be destroyed by some type of force or fire coming down from the sky. He was never able to clarify whether this would be caused by an extremely unusual natural event or something manmade. It astonished him so much that he could not define it. 


 Vladimir Solovieiv: This magician, Apollonius by name, was doubtless a person of genius. A semi-Asiatic and a semi-European, a Catholic bishop in partibus infidelium, he combined in himself in a most striking manner knowledge of the latest conclusions and applications of Western science with the art of utilizing all that was really sound and important in traditional Eastern mysticism. The results of this combination were startling. Apollonius learned, among other things, the semi-scientific, semi-mystic art of attracting and directing at will atmospheric electricity and the people said of him that he could bring down fire from heaven. However, though he was able to startle the imagination of the crowd by various unheard-of phenomena, for some time he did not abuse his power for any special or selfish ends.


 The Keys of Enoch 113:30 ...One face will be an energy field which will work with the levels of electromagnetic conversion. This will be used to take energy out of the air and use it for physical activity; this activity will be sustained as a perpetual pulse.


Hopi Prophecy "After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the Earth Magnetic field."



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