Listen you guys, NOBODY wants The Christians to get Calgoned 


 more than me. Do you know how many problems that would solve? There would instantly be world peace. There would be nobody to harass the Libtards 


The Satanists would be free to have their stupid Baphomet statues everywhere


 Science would advance at least 6000 years


 Old People would still have money


 And think of all the resources it would free up

 We could turn Churches into brothels and homeless shelters

Incels and the destitute won't really care about GOD until they are laid and fed - IN JESUS' NAME

 But sadly, this will NOT HAPPEN. No matter how many people read Tim Lahaye


 It simply is not very CHRISTIAN to be a RAGING PUSSY, and GOD wants you to know this. 

The RAPTURE PARADOX is: If Christians bail on Tribulation that would make Earth... Heaven. 

Here is the thing... 3D Earth is only a fail because I am not in charge. 

 Satan be like, “I am not bowing to those meatbots, dad!!!” Out of spite Azazel-n-Friends surfed a Birkeland Current down to Hermon and set about proving “we” are turds, even with half of their DNA. Well, that WAS his attitude, and by Satan I mean Enlil/Yahweh. See my other rants for more about the attitude change. Satan grudgingly has to admit that SOME of us are pretty cool and Godlike. Maybe not worthy of worship but admirable. But just because you claim the title of CHRISTIAN does not automatically qualify you for ASCENSION.

 QUANTUM PHASE SHIFTING, LIGHT BODIES, NEW SONG,... Is quite real. There are some SERIOUSLY HARDCORE MONK DUDES that would be totally pissed off if The Christians just went rainbow body 


because holy spirit. I see the value in crushing the humans, but after the karma we still have a biosphere fit for robots and nothing else, and that, while novel, is a betrayal that far surpasses Satan’s utility. At least Satan has empathy for mammals. I get why Satan is pissed his time is up and why he fights ascension, it has to do with our history with Nemesis - Nibiru 


 What I am getting at is succinctly summed up with this meme: 


 The New Agers have their version of RAPTURE and NEW JERUSALEM, they call it ASCENSION and NEW EARTH.

 We are talking about a higher dimension where all the corrupted DNA and Earth Grid


 Are cleansed and healed and purged of karma and stupidity, bugs and lizards


 That sounds lovely doesn’t it? David Wilcock and many more talk about


 Paul Laviolette talks of the 


 And Suspicious Observer and Chan Thomas and Douglas Vogt and ... But the part they miss, the part only I seem to have figured out is what this PUMPING or ACTIVATION does physically to THE EARTH and in turn US. The punctuated evolution and cyclic catastrophe makes sense from a cosmological viewpoint, but there is a quantum aspect to this, a scale-invariant, holographic part... 


Going back to the Schwarzchild Proton, the Omnipresent Singularity... The sun governs nuclear decay rates, did you know that? 


 Kinda suggests some kind of non-locality... The process of a UFO going from physical craft to ball of light is precisely what happens to PLASMA CORE HOLLOW EARTH 


This is further illustrated by two other ideas - EARTH GRID and CYMATICS 


Sorry to burst your Jesus bubble, Christian, but THE ESCHATON is all about QUANTUM COSMOLOGY. Before it gets quantum it is MHD, and MHD is plasma


 before it is liquid metal - don’t get me started about Curie temperature and expanding earth tectonics - If you are familiar with POLYHEDRA you might know about stellation. 

That is when the matrix expands, the vertices n such. New Jerusalem is described as such https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Jerusalem 

If you watch a vid about cymatics you will see how the SONOTHERMIC PATTERNING abruptly changes with the applied frequency. Do you follow the Schumann resonance? It is increasing, proportionately with magnetic field weakening and Nemesis proximity - apparently.


 If you stop dreaming about escaping trib with your sky-hippie you might just be worthy, if you stop worrying about being persecuted, your flesh, if you desire to stay and help the heathens, then AND ONLY THEN WILL YOUR HEART BE LIGHT AS A FEATHER. I am with the bugs and lizards and robots in that I want mom to stick around in 3D, but I am with the quartzheads and pussies in that I want to be rid of shittiness. I am preparing for a scenario where I am totally wrong about ascension. I want to stay here because creating utopia sans assholes has never actually been attempted, and that seems more challenging and fun. I mean, ffs, is New Earth going to have INDUSTRIAL BLACK METAL AND THAI FOOD?! 


If not, you can have your “Paradise”.


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